We feel like, after all the different efforts, we’ve finally got our son back. He smiles, and yesterday he gave me a big hug. That was priceless!
I have been in many different programs and have been to counseling and even outpatient programs and nothing has worked to help me overcome my addiction with alcohol. However, unlike the above, R4L has helped me change my life, addiction and thinking. It is like no other program that I have ever tried, seen or heard of.
Tracy S.
I have been cutting myself for years and tried to commit suicide twice with pills. Now, I have been over a year without trying to harm myself because of the R4L program. You all have loved me and listened to me. Thanks.
I wanted to stop by Recovery for Life one last time before I moved away. Your program did wonders for me. Truly a blessing! The community is so blessed to have R4L! Those chips, I know they aren’t magical, but I tell ya, that first month if I had to wait 30 days to get my first chip, I don’t think I could have done it. I treasured my chips and collected them like gold. And here it is, 2 years and 9 months later. So, I just wanted to say thank you for being faithful and dutiful.
I was smoking pot every day, now it’s been over six months since I stopped, and I really feel different. I could not have done it without R4L. My parents are really happy, and my dad says he’s really proud of me.
Amazing program...they are 100 percent invested in each participant and their family.
Nacy D.
Recovery for Life is by far the Best recovery program in Va. Beach, Va.
Rebecca R.