R4l Mens Home


Our Men’s Home started a decade ago when we identified a need for housing in the Hampton Roads area for people dealing with substance abuse coming into our program. We provide holistic, faith-based individualized programs for men in a residential setting to promote recovery and long-term healing in a safe and stable environment (90/90 Day Program). We also offer non-residential programming that allows individuals who are unable to live at the R4L Men’s Home for various reasons to receive the same level of care tailored to their needs (Daily Care Program).

The 90/90 Day Program

Through years of experience we have found that our 90/90 Day Program best serves our clients and has the highest success rate for lasting recovery.
  • 90 days living at the R4L Mens Home
    • 30 day lock-down
    • 60 day working and living in the home
    • Daily breathalyzer
    • Weekly 12 panel urine screen
    • Daily peer meetings
  • 90 day aftercare once completing initial 90 day in-home living
    • Twice weekly meetings
    • 1 weekly breathalyzer test
    • 1 weekly 12 panel drug screen
  • One-on-One Peer meetings available upon request

The Daily Care Program

The Daily Care Program was created based upon the needs of people who don’t require residential living and/or have special medical needs.
  • Monday – Friday daily meetings
  • Daily breathalyzer testing
  • Weekly 12 panel urine screen