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Dr Paul Hardy

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“Even though I am a successful businessman, at a very critical time in my life, Dr. Paul and the program were available to me and helped me keep a sense of sanity during some really rough waters I went through; thanks a million!” C. 35
“Dr. Paul, this program saved my life, helped me get out of the gang I was in and stay away from jail. Thank you sooo much.” Bethany, 17
“I have been arrested over and over again for fighting. In the AMP’D (teen) program, I haven’t been in a fight in six months. That’s a first for me. Now I have a job and a girlfriend.” Justin, 18
“I was religious all my life, but it was recently at a Recovery for the City meeting that I came to realize that I had never entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am amazed at what I see these people do on such a shoestring budget!” L., 45
Recovery For Life helped me in my recovery from alcohol in many ways. Specifically identifying triggers which in the past would drive me into bad 'situations'. I had to change my lifestyle, not just staying away from bars, but actually going out and doing something positive and enjoyable, i.e. surfing or fishing, or just reading a great book, amazing the changes it has brought. I learned a lot more about myself and the people around me who were also going through treatment. I think it comes down to actual caring from the staff at Recovery For Life, its not just a 'check in the box' or lonely people sitting around drinking coffee. I would recommend this program to anyone I know who is interested in recovery, actually I already have! -Aaron